Meet “The Catch”

the catch
Nowadays many women post on social media pictures of things their husbands buy or do for them and say “best hubbie in the world”. Props to those guys…but I can truly say I am married to my absolute best friend. I don’t need a girl’s night out. Or a weekend in Vegas. Even a spa day doesn’t cut it. Do I enjoy all those things? Maybe, sometimes, or not ever. But plop me on the couch with my husband, a great movie, like Casablanca (to be explained in the small blond section), and a (couple of) glass(es) of wine, and I’m set. Or a road trip to northern Arizona, where there is weather similar to the rest of the country, and I’m content just sitting in the car with him, neither of us saying a word. Until the small blond pipes up from the backseat…

I first met Matt my senior year of college on a blind date. Typical story…just got out of a long relationship, didn’t want to date anyone, insisted on having fun and being free my last year before real adulthood, blah blah blah. Isn’t that how life happens though? When you least want it or expect it? My sorority roommate was dating Matt’s roommate, and they gave me about a month to lick my wounds, and then they began the onslaught. “He’d be perfect for you, he’s so nice, he has a job”…gee, thanks. But wouldn’t you know, aside from some immature behavior, which I later determined was simply a side affect of Matt and his roommate being together (to this day they still act like that), the blind date went well and the rest is, well, history.

Since then, Matt and I have been on many adventures, our biggest one being our move across country from the heartland of Ohio to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. We’ve been through weddings, funerals, pets, infertility, pregnancy, business ownership, and parenthood (several of which we are still working on). But after 17 years of being together, every now and then we realize we’re still not sick of each other! Guess that’s why I consider him such a “catch”.



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